GRAMICCI Men’s Original G Pant Straight Leg,Black,XX-Large, Inseam 30

November 18, 2013 - Comment
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Island dweller "StevenInMaine" says:

Grammicci makes good! Gramicci picked up a dozen pair of pants and shorts at my home at their expense. Two weeks later they came back with new cinch belts that work great!Can’t ask for more than that!———————————————————————————————————-REVISION OFI’ve been wearing “Original G” Gramicci’s since long before they were called “Originals” and own more than twenty pair of shorts and long pants. They are the most comfortable pants money can buy and look better the longer you wear them (no dryer please). My wife’s been buying them too.The new generation share the attributes of good cloth, good fit, looks great. But unlike the rugged cinched belt of the first generation, the latest offerings from Gramicci have a flimsy, slippery cinch belt. I wore my new shorts ONCE and the cinch came apart and ripped through (I am 6′ tall, 180 lbs, w/ a 33″ waist). NONE of the others will stay up because the belt will not…

S. C. Palmer says:

Great pants ruined by cheap, lousy belt. Gramicci used to make a great product. They still make great pants – comfortable, well-made, and perfect for a nice long scooter ride. Unfortunately, they recently replaced their web belting with new, cheap, slippery belting that will not – seriously will not – stay in place and hold up your pants. Pure idiocy – they saved a few pennies on belts and now the product is not worth the cost. DO NOT BUY THESE PANTS UNTIL THEY FIX THE BELTING! I can give 95% odds that you will be disappointed in the product as is.

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